Game no longer works or downloads

[Post New]by erikdivprogram on Aug 10, 11 9:51 AM
When I re-download this (activated a couple years ago) it downloads "Support Version FF2" and not the game. When I try to play it anyway in case it's just a naming issue, it says "Parental controls have prevented this application from running" but I have no parental controls turned on in Windows. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with a new download and have the same issue again.


End day In Faunasphere

[Post New]by faunaspherett on Aug 10, 11 10:18 AM
end day in faunasphere i was in my home in faunasphere and someone come to my home and trade and he was give me 50000 bux and i was very happy but i was go to buy any thing in the market but the game is end why big fish games end the game this game was change my life now i am see wizard101 this a game like faunasphere but this wizard101 not faunasphere any more faunasphere have any thing for free but if any one want to buy bux this olny for mony but wizard101 have anything for mony i heat this game very! like be amember ship for mony hatching for mony and go to any world for mony! i wish faunasphere Open again pls pls pls!

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Re:Game no longer works or downloads

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Aug 10, 11 12:38 PM
Hey erikdivprogram,

Welcome to the pond! Running the game as Administrator might help with this error message. For those steps, please take a look at the following help article:

Run Game as Administrator

If you continue to have troubles after following these steps, please get in touch with Tech Support (you can click on this link) and our reps can definitely assist you. Thank you!



Re:Game no longer works or downloads

[Post New]by erikdivprogram on Aug 28, 11 10:04 PM
Can you re-read my post? Running in Admin mode doesn't and won't help if the game is not the actual game I bought. In BFG Manager it says "Support Version FF2" and not the game after I download it. I did email support and they didn't help much. I think the file just needs to be reuploaded on your site.


Re:Game no longer works or downloads

[Post New]by erikdivprogram on Aug 28, 11 10:08 PM
By the way, the file it downloads when I click it in My Account is:

Go to: