Why Send 3 Threads Over Here From Chit-Chat Corner, Then Lock Them Up?

[Post New]by RainbowExplorer on Aug 10, 11 10:43 PM
It's confusing, to me, as to why a discussion can START in CCC, then get moved over to the game forum it is related to, only THEN to have the thread(s) LOCKED UP, so no one on the Forum can join in on the discussion(s) already in progress, that were started in the CCC? While I CAN understand moving the thread(s) over to THIS forum, I cannot understand the "theoretical need" to lock it/them up, once it/they arrive. It doesn't seem related to "tidiness" at all, in my eyes - rather other agendas, at work.

If some of you more "experienced" fishies could share with me the "rationale" for this apparent bizarre behavior, I would appreciate it very much! It seems to me to be more of an issue of wanting to "shutdown a discussion", rather than to "tidy things up", but I'd be interested in hearing your perspective about this particular situation on THIS game's forum.

Thanks much, my gaming fishie friends! Hope you're all having fun playing some new and exciting games!


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