Problems with Level 4-10 Mission

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Aug 12, 11 3:17 PM
I love this game, but am completely stuck.

I don't understand this level in any way whatsoever. I die within 10 seconds. No killer bots get past me or kill me. It just says "game over". I have no idea why. No idea how to protect the Marine Bot.

What is a "Buoyer bot"? What is a bridge and how do I build it?

I can't understand what the instructions mean, I have read them a dozen times. I don't understand anything about this level at all! I have asked someone else to read it, and they are stumped as well!

Someone please help.

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Re:Problems with Level 4-10 Mission

[Post New]by ScubaCat on Sep 2, 11 4:26 AM
I believe the solution was explained in this thread:

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