level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by mcthehammer on Aug 14, 11 8:05 AM
I have only one award to get and it is level 87 Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance


Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by baagonemad on Aug 14, 11 11:50 AM
Sorry don't have the answer. But I'm in the same boat. I've tried over and over again and used the walkthrough. Can't get it!!

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Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by LHollyRock on Aug 14, 11 1:25 PM
Finally got it, did my own thing after trying the walkthrough about 10 times. I'll explain as best I can, I'm not good at writing walkthroughs.

*Make sure to keep continually harvesting grain and cranberries throughout the level (once you have a female worker & the fields are accessible, of course).

- Break rocks to gold, collect gold (as soon as you collect one, hire the female worker and have her start harvesting cranberries).
- Break rock to grain field, have the male worker harvest grain.
- When you have 3 cranberries, send them to the cauldron. Have the workers keep harvesting while you're waiting, and send the grain to the mill when you have 3.
- Collect & sell the 3 cranberry sauce as soon as it's ready.
- Hire both a male & female worker, and keep switching them out at the fields. Pick up cranberry sauce & flour as soon as they are done, don't worry about having 3 items to put in the cauldron & mill.
- Sell at least 4 flour, and when you get the money, buy 4 turkeys.
- Start making roasted turkeys.
- Sell flour again, buy 4 more turkeys.
- Once the 8 turkeys are done, negotiate with the tribesman & get the crystal.
- Sell the crystal, and all the sauce & flour you have.

This worked for me, hope it helps!

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Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by StripeyCatiana on Aug 17, 11 1:15 AM
Thanx HollyRock, that worked a treat

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Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by robinsegg on Aug 18, 11 4:06 PM

brilliant - thanks! The walkthrough didn't cut it for me either :-)


Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by onesweettammers on Aug 25, 11 6:56 PM
Thanks Holly!!! That worked perfectly!!! With a half second to spare.


Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by ryvetted on Aug 28, 11 10:22 AM
I was in the same boat! This was the only level I couldn't beat, even with the walkthrough, Thank you so much for posting your alternative solution, it worked like a charm!! Wooooooo!!

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Re:level 87 - I need Help

[Post New]by silver64 on Sep 5, 11 7:28 AM

Thank you so much LHollyRock,

I must have tried over 20 times to get this one. Finally did it after reading your solution and realising you need 2 male and 2 female workers and that flour buys the turkeys.

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