Fly Swatter

[Post New]by BellaBlu on Aug 14, 11 2:20 PM
How do you get the flyswatter to kill the fly? I grab the swatter and take it to the fly , but the swatter flys back to its former place in the puzzle and the fly will not move. HELP!!


Re:Fly Swatter

[Post New]by duncraft on Aug 14, 11 8:32 PM
How do you kill the fly, the fly swatter doesn't work?

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Re:Fly Swatter

[Post New]by jaybird3939 on Aug 14, 11 10:42 PM
The flyswatter does work, it just takes several tries. There are a few more places in the game where you've got the right things, but they don't work the first few times you try.

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