Help please. Strategy guide is wrong

[Post New]by sjsullivan on Aug 14, 11 5:05 PM
I never got a blue sword anywhere in the game. I can't go any further. According to strategy guide I am next supposed to give the red sword and blue sword to the pirates. I have a red sword but never got a blue one. There is nothing mentioned anywhere in the strategy guide about where yo get this blue sword. Help please?!?!?!?1

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Re:Help please. Strategy guide is wrong

[Post New]by Bartsister on Aug 15, 11 5:23 PM
To get the blue sword, go into the bar to the right of the mayor's house. Click on the skeleton passed out over the table. You will see his hand on a plate and the blue sword will be waiting for you.

This solution is on page 17 of 50 in the Strategy Guide. In my experience, these guides are rarely wrong. Some are just easier to read than others. The answer is almost always there, one just needs to find it. Good luck and happy gaming.

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