always have to start over

[Post New]by EvilMommy38 on Aug 14, 11 8:02 PM
I really like this game but i don't have time to play it all at once and it is really aggravating having to start over every time. Is there a patch i can down load to fix this problem i have uninstalled it and reinstalled 3 times hoping to fix the issue.


Re:always have to start over

[Post New]by NospmothR on Aug 3, 12 7:18 PM
I just bought this on 7/30/2012 and I'm getting the same thing.


Re:always have to start over

[Post New]by PamSerr on Aug 11, 12 4:18 AM
I've got the same problem - I've played this 3 times now and I'm really sick of having to start over each time - why doesn't this game save like all the rest?

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