deleting players

[Post New]by foxygirl23 on Aug 15, 11 5:17 AM
unable to delete career players
i want to delete players and add a different one
the game keeps adding players with numbers
I cannot put in a new name
How can I fix this


Re:deleting players

[Post New]by mtmn11 on Aug 21, 11 4:34 PM
I do have the same problem...
when i first bought and installed this game, its working just fine...then out of nowhere 'till now it doesn't allow me to create new player and yet it just keeps on saying that you have to delete older characters but then it doesn't allow me coz if i will press that "change player" button then it will bring me to a new page with only 3 options showing that red white and blue flag... it really starting to annoys me...

I sent a message to the technical support already but till now never heard from them still...maybe they are too busy..

i just hope they can help us with this issue..

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Re:deleting players

[Post New]by chazzer47 on Dec 24, 11 1:00 PM
In order to delete a player, at the beginning of the game, on the boards with the girl and guy on each side of the boards with the menu selections on them etc. select other player and once inside there you can delete your current player and create a different one.

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