Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by TerriA92021 on Aug 15, 11 12:44 PM
Please help. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by Mystic_cam on Aug 17, 11 3:25 AM
Level 86

Get 3 baskets of beans
make bakes beans
clear rock
collect beans
collect gold
sell 3 baked beans
get maid

from here get maid to collect grass and every time there is 3 grass give to cows for milk

buy 2 planks and 1 bean
fix plank to pigs
start pigs
bake beans
collect pork, keep collecting pork as soon as possible for the time being
collect beans
make 1 baked pork and beans
sell excess pork and 3 milk

buy another maid, from here use 2 maids to keep getting grass and milk, only going to cows when you have 3 grass, sell excess milk and pork when you have more milk.

sell baked pork and beans
buy 6 beans
make baked beans, still collecting pork
once you have baked beans immediately go and make 2 pork and beans, from here make sure you're ready to make next pork and beans as soon as possible
collect beans over priority to pork.
sell excess milk, pork and beans (should do this all the way through)
once you have the 4 pork and beans trade with indian keep one maid in the house
as soon as trade is done send maid to collect gem

should finish with about 4 seconds to spare

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Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by mdmartin25 on Aug 30, 11 4:54 AM
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get better than 4:15 on this one, using this method (or my own!)


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Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by 123mikey321 on Sep 4, 11 11:09 PM
I tried different path and finished with 10 seconds to spare and got the gold. It gets hectic towards the end but will try to explain.

Break Rock
Collect Gold
Get middle bean on path
Buy 2 Planks
Get close bean
Start 2 Beans
Build Bridge
Start Pigs
Get Far Bean
Collect 2 beans and start 3rd
Collect port
Start Pork & Beans
Get Baked Beans
Get Pork & Beans
Get Pork
Sell All: 6 Pork and 2 Pork & Beans
When you get $, get maid & start her on the grass, during the rest of this keep her getting grass until she has 3, start milk, then get 2 more grass then get the 3 milk then the 2.
After she starts buy 6 beans and 2nd male, he may not have things to do all the time but is important as level progresses.
Collect the one Pork & Beans then sell, after you get money, buy more beans. In all you'll need 14 beans so keep track.
Start Baked Beans as soon as they are bought
Keep collecting the pork
Collect Baked Beans and start Pork & Beans
Keep selling pork to make sure you have 3 beans for the Baked Beans
Collect Pork & Beans, you should have at least 2 Baked Beans & Pork to start second batch.
During this you are working w/ maid and collecting pork.
When 2nd batch of Pork & Beans is done, make sure you sell all your pork before picking them up, otherwise you'll waste beans by starting another batch.
Talk to Chief and make sure you have someone ready to get gem.
Once you have gem, you should have 5 milk and be making you last batch of beans to make 10. Here it is all about timing, make sure you'll get the beans before selling the gem & the 5 milk to get $1,000. If everything went smooth, you should make it with a bit of time to spare.

Sorry its so wordy, but it works! Good Luck. This was the last level I had to do to get gold.

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Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by Vanadvindun on Sep 22, 11 7:31 AM
Re: 123mikey321

Thanks for that walkthrough! It worked perfectly, and I was able to get to Gold in 3:43! I really appreciate that help, as I've been killing myself over this level for some time.


Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by earlefam on Sep 25, 11 12:30 AM
HELP............ KATHY


Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by caj_gamer on Sep 30, 11 12:43 AM
Thank you 123Mikey321! Your method worked like a charm!


Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by heiress9494 on Apr 12, 12 9:16 PM
The key to the second method listed is to ignore the gold over the bridge... I kept trying to get it, but when I examined the method closely I realized that spending 160 to get 2 planks so you can collect 200 is not efficient. Thanks for the help!


Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by Symmetry09 on Dec 1, 12 9:51 PM
Level 86

Break rock and collect gold
Buy 2 planks while collecting beans on path
Start making 3 baked beans
Build bridge to pig pen
Start pig pen
Collect baked beans
Collect bacon
Make 2 bacon and beans
Sell 2 bacon and beans and 3 bacon
Buy 2 females and 5 beans
Start females on grass and milk production (sell milk as you go)
Make baked beans
Sell 1 bacon and beans and 3 bacon
Buy 2 beans and make baked beans
Keep bacon and bean production going
Pay tribesman when you have 4 bacon and beans
Collect gem
Sell everything to make $1000

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Re:Level 86 & 87

[Post New]by KpkGamer on May 7, 13 2:43 PM
I tried Mystic-cam's method for Level 86 but was still having trouble. I followed the first portion of it with the exception of selling the first Beans & Bacon (I kept that.) After I bought the 2 planks and 1 bean and started the Bacon processing, I just sold the bacon until I had enough to get a second worker. But this is where I did it differently...I bought a second male helper because he could help with everything except the grass and milk. Two female workers didn't work well for me. I continued selling the extra bacon and milk until I had the four Beans & Bacon to give to the Indian and I had the second male worker head up to get the Gem as soon as the Indian finished negotiating. I finished with one second to spare.

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