Why can't I get past Level 2-10?

[Post New]by GameGirlie on Aug 15, 11 10:21 PM
I've read so much great stuff about this game in the forum, and I like it (played and liked the first one a long time ago)...but feel like I must be missing something or not used to this exact style of TM game b/c I can't get past the last section of Level 2 (think it might be 2-10).

I went back to level 2-7 and 2-8, and re-did them, hoping I'd gain enough coins to purchase an upgrade that would help me later on...but it was like Groundhog Day... nothing really changed.

I've played lots of TM games before, and usually if you feel you're doing ok, you are. With this one, I'm running my **** off and often it's not enough. I got all expert on Level 1, and when I hit level 2, it was harder to do that, but I didn't figure it mattered (in other TM games, you don't have to reach expert to survive necessarily). It's pretty hard to earn coins to buy upgrades...which you seem to desperately need just to survive near the end of Level 2! I don't know...am I missing something? Do you have to get expert at every level in order to survive later ones?

Maybe I'll just go back to the start of the level and try to build up enough cash to buy even one extra upgrade...just pretty frustrating.

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Re:Why can't I get past Level 2-10?

[Post New]by Lolaliloo on Jul 20, 12 5:08 AM
I cant either i am stuck on that level also,
if anyone can help.. would be so much appreciated,
Thank you

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