Trojan Virus

[Post New]by sevenone2 on Jan 3, 09 5:00 PM
I downloaded Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals last month. 4 days ago my McAfee security program quarantined it as a trojan. Has this happened to anyone else? I am almost afraid to download anything else.


Re:Trojan Virus

[Post New]by okletmewin12 on Jan 3, 09 8:41 PM
hi 712 ~ first, be assured you probably don't have the virus mcafee says you have, if it's the same prob we all had just b4 xmas, this wasn't a prob with bigfish, but with mcafee

posts about it are long ago buried pages and pages back, but i did a search and came up with a few threads for you, i assume the virus it says you have is generic.dx or genericPWS.y, those were the 2 mcafee was claiming most of us had)

long story short (tho that's hard for me ), mcafee came out with a bad update that falsely identified all bigfish games as viruses (happened with other online gaming sites too) and you have to update your mcafee program to get current virus definitions, as they corrected the problem a few days after it initially happened and there is info in some of the old posts about how to do that ( the mcafee update that fixed the prob was i think #5473 or 5474, i just checked my mcafee and it's now at version #5483, but if you get any version after 5474ish, it should be fixed after that, tho if you aren't one of the lucky ones, sometimes just updating the virus defs doesn't fix it totally and you have to redownload the game, but if you only have the one it shouldn't be a big deal, AND bigfish now provides unlimited re-downloads of any games you purchased from them, another bonus to buying from bigfish as most game sites limit the number of times you can download your games b4 having to re-purchase)

here's a link to some posts by the bigfish moderators about the problem:

and another link about the problem posted by the bigfish himself (picman is the bossfish around here )

and finally a HUGE thread, 18 pages long, from many many folks who had the same problem, there are a lot of posts from people just saying they too were :

imagine the frustration for all the folks trying to deal with this mess in the middle of trying to get ready for a well deserved xmas break, but they put the pressure on mcafee to fix the problem and stuck with it til it was done

this is prob waaaay more info than you needed, but it does make for interesting reading, honest! gl with it, and if not fixed after following instr found in links, contact customer support they will be able to help you if none of this does!

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