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Sparkles fixed! Awesome game, just awesome.

[Post New]by TimeKilla on Aug 18, 11 12:24 PM
When this game first came out there were huge flashes of light everywhere. It was seriously out of control. A number of people, myself included, were disappointed.

So the awesome devs fixed it and added an expert level. (Accessed through "Options") with no hints, no flashes and no color changing H0's. Thanks guys! You rock!

Without the flashes, this is a challenging and engrossing adventure H0 that is extra dark and eerie. There is one scene that scared me. (in a fun "Boo! Gotcha!" Halloween way.) It also took 6 hours start to finish (Two hours more than the new HE, btw.) I'll do a longer review in the proper section. For now, it's enough to say that I loved it.

I missed the first announcement of the update and almost missed out on an incredible game. This notice is for my fellow fishies who are in the same boat.

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