missing Photo.

[Post New]by carolynvbh on Aug 20, 11 4:08 AM
I have six of the seven funny photo's that Yumi has sent. I'm missing the one with Yumi and ? george with the bunny ears. does anyone know how I get this one?

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Re:missing Photo.

[Post New]by DutchJames on Aug 20, 11 11:36 PM
Did you solve one of each type of puzzle that Rentaro has given you? So one of the nonograms, one of the sudoku and one of the renograms.


Re:missing Photo.

[Post New]by carolynvbh on Aug 21, 11 6:23 PM
Yes has solved heaps of each and now he won't give me anymore. Have spoken to bess and george. Spoken to Yumi too. Still haven't got the last photo of yumi and bess together.


Re:missing Photo.

[Post New]by CrystalClear15 on Sep 14, 11 9:58 AM
After you do at lest one of all typs of the puzzles from Rentaro. You have to do a Bento box, (with out Yumi telling you to) then go back to the inn. You'll get a call then the photo!

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