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[Post New]by crazy8club on Aug 20, 11 8:40 AM
They need a live chat person 24/7. this having to wait 24 to 72 hrs. is for the birds. I accidently got a game that I couldn't even play.<--- I purchased one but got another got coupon and got another game that I could play and got almost 3/4 of the way completing and can't continue. made me so I let off with a few .

got fed up and went outside and here was my landlord laughing his head off. need to keep windows closed from now on. he said he need some new words to use on the cows. okay, I said ; but don't stand behind one when it coughs. cracked him up totally then.that stuff is nasty and potent.


i can not find the other coin i need to bye the posin for the snake

[Post New]by msthangjen23 on Aug 20, 11 9:19 AM
can some one please help me....

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Re:Live Chat

[Post New]by anubischick on Aug 20, 11 10:15 AM
msthang, talk to the shopkeeper he'll give you a job to do to earn that coin


Re:Live Chat

[Post New]by oasis_j2 on Aug 20, 11 2:03 PM
can someone tell me what happened to the oil by the time I got to the dock, I didn't have the oil anymore. Sorry, referring to spirit soup lol

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