Music in this game

[Post New]by kcevans on Aug 20, 11 11:18 AM
OK I admit I'm pickier than most but does it bother anyone else that the music is all from the wrong time periods? Renaissance music for the 11th century, etc. Makes me so crazy I turn off the sound.


Re:Music in this game

[Post New]by sheilamilo on Aug 23, 11 8:37 PM
However, the music is lovely, so I kept it on.

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Re:Music in this game

[Post New]by nananor on Aug 23, 11 11:19 PM
I've noticed the anachronistic music, too, but still play on.


Re:Music in this game

[Post New]by annford on Apr 4, 12 3:39 PM
The anachronistic music does make me crazy, but so does the anachronistic items in the "whatever" century archive room. When I go into a room that is supposed to contain items for the 8th century, why does it contain items that are from the 20th century?

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