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Mystery in London ™ - Released on December 14, 2007

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 18, 08 5:53 PM
Your vacation to London turns into an investigation into one of its most notorious mysteries ever! Explore the city through 360-degree photographs of locations such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbeyeven the tailor shop where James Bond buys his shirts! Gather clues and challenge the locals to unearth the truth behind a murderous past.

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Re:Mystery in London ™ - Released on December 14, 2007

[Post New]by cwy2009 on Nov 7, 15 6:41 PM
Very challenging hidden-object game. The earlier HOGs are usually tougher because of time limits and more complex designs. Low screen resolutions also make it tougher to find things. Then you add 360-degree view that expands the playing area several-fold, which makes it even tougher to find hidden objects.

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