dracula 3 path of the dragon

[Post New]by GarthV8der on Aug 21, 11 11:36 AM
I Bought this game on disc at walmart it contains all three parts but none of it coincides with this forum or the walkthrough, i never found the gypsy ,cant find ionas at the crossroads to get needle alot of the puzzles are skipped like when drawing the blood after drawing it the part where you have to croos match the samples puzzle is skipped you just open the folder with the blood charts and he says i got it right, i'm now in the prison cave there is no crow that flies out no feather to pick up and when you look down at the shackle he just makes a remark about the cigarettes, you can't read the writing on the shackle and when i try to go through the cave i get to the part with the glowing eyes and he wont go forward it backs you out and he says i must have made a mistake, iplayed this game for 4 days now and getting nowhere just a bunch of reading hardly no puzzles i even started over with part 1 thinking i missed something but it's the same both times no gypsy no ianos the only place i scene him was at tthe cemetary after that in part two he's gone and so is the dravedigger, and he's not at the crossing either do i have a screwed up version of the game or what? please help cause i'm getting peaved.


Re:dracula 3 path of the dragon

[Post New]by GarthV8der on Aug 21, 11 1:37 PM
is anyone going to answer my post about the problems in this game

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Re:dracula 3 path of the dragon

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Aug 21, 11 2:49 PM
Unlikely. The game has been discontinued so no-one's played it for a while. Searching the forum may help. If not, you should be able to google for the MaGtRo walkthrough.

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