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3 minutes party

[Post New]by aisfuh on Aug 21, 11 10:21 PM
I am playing this game and can not get pass the part where there is only 3 minutes to clean all of the mess and there are I think 6 kids at a party. I purchased this game when it came out and I am unable to get pass this level. I go back every once in a while to get pass it but can,t do it what is the secret to winning should I not try and give the kids time out and ignore them that is the closest I have gotten to the time limit but still can't do it.I have noticed there is not much discussion on this forum is it because it is a old game??? There must be new members joining so why the lack of discussions??? Do they remove old discussions from the forum. Please help so I can complete this game. I am a tmg player and have no problems with the rest except this and one other.

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