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Is there going to be a sequel

[Post New]by stingstungme on Aug 24, 11 2:41 PM
I played this game when it initially came out and loved it. It was my favorite farming game back then and still is. I honestly think it is the only farming game, I have ever finished and enjoyed.

I've been holding out hope there will be a sequel to this but it has been a long time.

I thought it was a great game deserving of a sequel.

I can name a million horrible games that had sequels (Jane's Hotel). Even though Farmer Jane wasn't the most beautiful of characters, she was quirky and fun. Who needs a perky busty blond anyway. I hope they don't give her a makeover if they are working on something.

I would think that a sequel wouldn't be released since it has been so long but look at Airport Mania.

If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

I just want to know if a part two is in development. I don't need to know dates or anything.

I know release dates are treated like the Coca Cola recipe around here.

Guess I will go finish this game on a fourth computer when I get back home.

Edited to add I never had a single glitch, freeze, or error ever with this game.

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