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no fish reasearch enviorment

[Post New]by maxsunny on Aug 24, 11 4:25 PM
I dont have fish reasearch enviorment and I have those fragil hybrids and I bread fragil hybrids with my magic fish and my babys and fragil fish die ): help I ment I dont have enough money I got enough and I have a new problem my research is loaded my baby fish die its because there health DX

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Re:no fish reasearch enviorment

[Post New]by peanutfish on Sep 4, 11 8:30 PM
You will have to go into the "Supplies" and buy the upgrades on the tanks.


Re:no fish reasearch enviorment

[Post New]by leniere309 on Jan 30, 13 6:30 AM
for awhile don't breed any fish other than the magic breeds that you have, start selling them low about $40 or $50 to begin as you increase your tanks viability you can increase the prices of your fish.

While I have been playing the main game I have had another game running using another nickname, in this one I got rid of all the fish except the greenfin spotanus and only bred that one, as I said above start with a low price and build up, when you get your tank to it's optimum you can sell the fish at $130.

You start out with 2 greenfin spotanus when the first baych reach adulthood keep 4 and sell the rest, next batch keep 6 and sell the rest until you can keep 12 sell the remainder, put 3 fish in each tank including the sale tank and use all 3 for breeding,
only spend for up grades and medicine, I did this for 2 and a half days and reached $10,000 by this time my tank was fully optimized and that is when I bought other fish.

If you don't want to try it on your main game the open up another one in the players list and see what happens.


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Re:no fish reasearch enviorment

[Post New]by vickipansy on Sep 10, 14 6:37 PM
What player list are you referring to? My options menu doesn't include that. I like the idea. I keep overloading my tanks which makes my fish sick all the time and most of my babies die. I have had numerous guppies die before they reach adulthood. I had a pair of what looked like black box fish but they died before I could learn what combination of fish they came from. I like experimenting, mixing species. I have three species of double-fins right now.

Thanks for any help regarding two identities.

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