how to get to the ladder in silo

[Post New]by kaiseroll on Aug 25, 11 8:43 AM
Following the walkthrough, listened to Carol, applied the cement, climbed the ladder and cannot find the notebook.
If I go anywhere at the top, I get kicked back to round silos and on to the exit.
I have the hook and thread.
How can I locate the notebook and get down the ladder. I have not been able to turn around on any page. What am I doing wrong?

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Re:how to get to the ladder in silo

[Post New]by emacarla3 on Sep 30, 13 9:09 AM
At the top of the silo, you can see the notebook sitting flat to the right of center. Use the hook and thread on it. At that point, I clicked to speed up the process and missed her saying "0ops..." blah blah... Now I don't have the notebook and I assumed it dropped somewhere. Looking now for a solution to finding the dropped notebook. Anyway, after you use the hook and thread on it, wait a second to see what she said. Hope this helps.

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