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Any news on an Updated Version?

[Post New]by dcairns on Aug 25, 11 10:53 AM
I was wondering if anyone knows if an updated version has been made available yet?I refuse to purchase when I can't even click on the items I need to click on. I would think with this being a CE, they would have worked the bugs out completely before putting it up for sale.

If anyone hears of a fixed version, can you please let me know?

Thanks a bunch!

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Re:Any news on an Updated Version?

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Aug 25, 11 11:52 AM
Hey dcairns,

I'm sorry that you're unable to click on items in the game. Have you been able to get in touch with our Tech Support team? They should be able to best assist you with any technical issues you're experiencing with this game. It doesn't look like this game has been escalated, but with more information, this is something that we can definitely look into.

As there is a tech issues thread, I'll be locking this up to keep things organized, but please feel free to post any further tech issues or question in that thread. Thank you!


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