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Advice on chapter length

[Post New]by Lucy1997 on Aug 29, 11 12:19 AM
I am no longer going to purchase CEs since they generally have not been worth the extra money, but I thought that this game was fun, though not very difficult. I am considering putting it on my list of SEs to purchase when it is released, but my question is this: I finished the demo of chapter 1 in 37 minutes on advanced mode, and I wasn't rushing through it. The first chapter is often the longest, and the SE will, of course, lose the bonus chapter (which I believe is chapter 6). Are chapters 2 to 5 shorter, the same length, or longer than chapter 1?

Thanks for your help and happy gaming!

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Re:Advice on chapter length

[Post New]by MickyTeddy on Aug 29, 11 1:10 AM
I would say Chapter 1 is the longest.
Took about 4 hours in all to play very leisurely.

But there is no bonus extra game.

Even I imagine in the SE you have to play the first 4 to open the locked painting which at the end--- is the end.
Kid back to Mom.

Bonus is just the art, screen savers etc...
No extra gameplay.
I did not use the strategy guide at all.

So as far as I am concerned the extra money for the CE was a waste but as I was enjoying playing so much I could not wait for the SE.
I am disabled and have good days and bad days and yesterday was a good day so I bought it.

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Re:Advice on chapter length

[Post New]by annetterider on Aug 30, 11 5:14 AM
As far as I can see by reading some of the forum, there will not be a SE game. I am not 100% sure but others seem to think that.

I agree with what you say about this game, fun, but very very short. I wish I had known how short and NO EXTRA PLAY, before I bought it.

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Re:Advice on chapter length

[Post New]by Valdy on Sep 1, 11 4:29 AM
But the extra play, i.e. bonus game was chapter 6, surely. That was the painting which had a large chain around it and a padlock. So that means that chapter 6, which was locked (the other chapters weren`t) was the bonus game.

I wondered, however, if chapter 6 is the bonus game, then there can`t ever be an SE out, because otherwise the game won`t finish in the 5 chapters.

About the length of the game: I played for about 5 hours. I took an hour each for the first 2 chapters, and each chapter after took me 45 minutes. So this is a nice length of game for me.

About the "Free Mode" in the bonus section: I only just clicked on the Free Mode game, and it is not, as it is in other games, where you only see the H0 scenes and find hidden objects. No, this "Free Mode" game plays exactly like the normal game. So I am getting a little confused about this "Free Mode" game, because I clicked on the ship painting, and that one played exactly as the main game does. I didn`t hang around too long to see if the whole chapter is exactly the same, but from what I have played, it looks like it`s just a copy of the main game.
So why is there a "Free Mode", I don`t know.

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