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Found out how to maneuver the screen

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on Aug 31, 11 5:45 PM
So far, I have found all the body parts and all but one piece of the machine part, so I am fairly well along in the game.

I just discovered a few ways to maneuver around.

Use the magnifying glass on the right. That will zoom into one area, and one area only. Zoom in and zoom out.

By accident, I hit the roller on the top of the mouse and the screen zoomed in. Surprised me This is when I started playing around.

First I used the wheel on the mouse to zoom in. Once I was zoomed in, I was then able to click and drag the screen. By using the click and drag, I was able to view any part of the screen I wanted while still in zoom mode.

In some scenes, you can move from side to side (they let us know this one by shaking the screen when entering a side by side scene). I also found that in many scenes, I could also click and drag the screen up and down.

A few times I needed a star to refill the hint, and could not find one. In one scene, I had used the mouse wheel to zoom in, and was then clicking and dragging the scene around. At the far top left corner where the scene corner went black, there was a star tucked up there. Had I not moved the screen all around, i would not have found the star I was looking for. Hence forth, I will move the screen (click and drag) to all the far edges (and corners) to see if a star is tucked away from normal view.

If anyone else finds any more tips like this, please let us know.

Happy looking

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