Summer Resort Mogul Review

[Post New]by cutegurl923 on Sep 1, 11 10:01 PM
Hey everyone, here is the review for Summer Resort Mogul.

Storyline: Your uncle (I think) runs a summer resort and wants someone to take over the business, but he wants to know who can run the resort better, u or your cousin. Basically u try to beat your cousin and run the resort.

Well, the game is pretty good, (I really enjoyed the trial), but it depends on your interests if u want to purchase the game. It is more of a building/realty type of game.
It is timed so play fast in order to get the gold trophy and beat your competition.

There r other games in the series like: Ski Resort Mogul ,although I heard that's boring , (read the review first, yes it's on BFG),Hotel Mogul and Vacation Mogul.

Overall, the game is pretty good!

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