Closure for Mage (Frederic) **poss. spoiler alert**

[Post New]by Knytshade on Sep 3, 11 6:09 AM
Hello just a quick query. (Note: I put the possible spoiler in white text (highlight to read), just in case no-one wants to see it--I hope that is okay).

I know what happened to Icarus as well as Patient X, but what about Mage? I didn't seen any sort of ending / resolution / closure for him. Aside from his creepiness, his thing for 'dolls', the only other thing I noticed was that he and Icarus have the same exact birth date, which leads me to wonder if they are possibly twins & / or if he might be the 'darkness' that Icarus initially speaks of.

I would -really- love to know what's up with him. Perhaps there is something of a closure for him and I missed it or wasn't paying enough attention? Possible plotline to be rounded out in a sequel? Thanks for reading and for any help!

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