Completed it and now I have to start over?

[Post New]by KayenneDK on Sep 3, 11 7:49 AM
I have been playing 4E non stop since I got it, and just completer it half an hour ago. I went back to get some of the achievements I had missed only to find that the books are all locked again and I can't access a level of my own choice, but have to start all over again!! Seriously?! Or is this a glitch? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm playing it on iPad btw.

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Re:Completed it and now I have to start over?

[Post New]by SavemeJack on Sep 3, 11 7:24 PM
Hii "K-OK" I found the same things in several places. One, if you run out of time, you'd think you could click the map icon and find out just how far you got - but oh, that would be too easy. It takes you right back to the map you just played, then your only option is to "Start" again!. It saves nothing, and I never got to see one trophy either! I was on the 4th book, past the "find the differences" and doing pretty good. Would get stuck and follow the fairy' suggestions. Then I found out I was actually playing this game with no rules written anywhere, except her hints at the end of a round, and I just found this out!! Took me some time to figure out the two-layer game board, frozen pieces, the differences between bombs, slabs - sure you know what I mean. I have been playing this game for days upon days, and just now figured out the different ways the power arrows work - and her suggestions were taking me the wrong way!! Now I'm mad! It's not so easy staying up long nights playing a game you are given no directions for - detailed directions.
Tough life, huh? But I thoroughy have enjoyed every minute of this very long game..


Re:Completed it and now I have to start over?

[Post New]by astara11 on Nov 10, 11 2:06 PM
i have now completed 4E a couple times playing with 2 different names so that i can see the new score.

my question is, is it better to go fast or is it better to uncover more squares so that the 'liquid' flows over it? which makes for a better score?

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