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I hate every scene in the asylum - everything looks disgusting - like the Dark Ritual

[Post New]by dogmichael on Sep 3, 11 11:57 PM
This is the second game of Vogat that takes place in an old scrapy dirty disgusting asylum and I hope it will be the last one. Otherwise I will stop buying Vogat game. I hate solving puzzles in this kind of setting. It is so unpleasurable and disgusting - same as the dark ritual of Vogat. I like solving puzzle in a beautiful setting - like all mystery case files, Drawn, nightmare real and so on. And just becasue it takes place in asylum, it doesnt mean everything have to look old, messy, dirty and disgusting like this. (For example, Geen Hill Sanitarium of ERS took place in Asylum too but every scene look more presentable.

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