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LOVING this addictive little game but.....

[Post New]by 318Pisces on Sep 4, 11 1:34 PM
how do I save my progress so I don't have to start all over again?

Any help truly appreciated.....



Re:LOVING this addictive little game but.....

[Post New]by mlhfishin on Nov 24, 12 8:01 AM
I had trouble with that too. When the game opens arrow down to the levels and go to the last open level. That is where you stopped and it has saved your time on that level.

Anyone considering this game be ready to use the little grey cells a lot! Like the previous note, very addictive. A great diversion from the HOG or Match 3 point and click, which I love. It is more brain teaser puzzle. Like playing Rooms on a basic level.

Love it too!!

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