Game cheats!!!!

[Post New]by phoenix_rising on Sep 4, 11 2:07 PM
I know I have this color bombs siting there. Then when I shut the game down and go back later it is not there.
Some of those levels are hard enough to do but really does it have to cheat??
Any one elce has had this problem, so frustrating

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Re:Game cheats!!!!

[Post New]by 2MuchCoffeeGirl on Aug 19, 12 1:42 PM
It's a bug...if you buy the color bomb, but exit the game before starting the next level it loses the bonus, or something like that.


Re:Game cheats!!!!

[Post New]by unique461 on Apr 22, 14 3:41 PM
You're right. If you buy a color bomb and then exit the game, you lose your bomb and the amount it "cost". I have found that to be a problem and I also would like a way to exit at the end of a level (when you don't finish it) so that you can return to it. Currently the only way to end that unfinished level is to click "menu" as soon as the colored balls begin to appear. I don't like that. I do, however, love this game!

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Re:Game cheats!!!!

[Post New]by Mew3 on May 20, 14 8:13 AM
I have had this game for several years now and it drives me crazy - yet I love it. I would love to know someone who has actually finished the game as I can only get so far then the levels become impossible to complete. I dislike the same things mentioned above in the messages - losing my bonuses/extra life when I leave the games and not being allowed to leave the game if I have failed a level. Can any one please advise or let me know if you actually finished the game. The other thing that drives me to distraction is that it will NOT run smoothly on my Windows 8 laptop - I have to use my desktop.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

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