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Boring Alert

[Post New]by Peace1369 on Sep 6, 11 5:28 PM
Ok I didn't listen good enough to the people who tried to warn me LOL. But I will aslo try to warn others. For those of you who played and loved Ultimate Flower please be warned this game only has two levels you play on the mapl. If you played Ultimate Flower and played the very last level where you had to earn a Million that is what this game is like after a couple of hours. You can beat the requirements of this game in a few hours buttttt to earn all the awards and trophies you must just keep replaying the same two screens over and over and over and over as the requirement is to buy the very useless and very expensive upgrades to the two levels. They spent so much time working on the graphics to this game I guess they had no time left over to actually furnish us with a game. If I can beat a game all the way thru in less then a day needless to say it means there isn't much of a challenge to the game. Just to make it a little less boring I am working on the second screen up grades at this time I only have one left to buy, to make things interesting and have some action I am leaving all the ant hills alive thru the level just to add some excitemnt. Good luck gamers. If you are a true blue time management junkie like myself think twice before buying this game. I would recomment Pioneer Lands, My Kingdom for the Princesss if you havent already gotten.


Re:Boring Alert

[Post New]by ItsJust4Fun on Sep 7, 11 12:05 PM
AGREE! I didnt listen either It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't do the same thing over and over and over... I am sooo disappointed! Wish I would have saved my free game for one today. Build a Lot is my FAVORITE games and Im stuck with this! Warning for anyone with sensitive fingers as you will do A LOT of clicking!

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