Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by pgbaker21 on Sep 6, 11 7:23 PM
Can't seem to get enough gold at the end to break down boulders to get to the last gold. Help

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Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by MrsCs3 on Sep 6, 11 8:18 PM
Me too are the
ir any hints??????


Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by Naturalshade on Sep 7, 11 3:20 AM
1. Build warehouse
2. When finished, start picking up food/wood/gold as well as chopping wood
3. Build Farm
4. Build Lodge for 2nd worker
5. Use both workers to clear woods.
6. As soon as there's enough wood/food to repair bridge, work on the 1st section of the left bridge. Do not use 1/2 off bonus.
7. While one worker repair the bridge, the other one continue to work on wood and pick up resources.
8. You should have enough wood to repair the right bridge also. Do not use 1/2 off bonus.
9. Pick up the gold between the two wood piles to the right of the hut (very important step).
10. Now ready. Click 1/2 off bonus. Quickly use both workers to clear the wood piles to the right of the hut. You have to be quick as the ability to then build 2 bridges depends on those 4xwoods (2nd section of left bridge, and bridge to the top of hut).
11. Start working towards the 2 Farms by clearing all the woods leading to them
12. By now, you should have 38 gold. Don't pick up another gold bundle unless you have to. Keep it until you need them. Now you need to do a bit of strategizing. Make sure at least 3 rocks are ready to be removed when the next 1/2 off bonus comes on.
13. Build the lodge for the 3rd worker
14. Don't do anything while waiting for the 3rd worker. You also need to accumulate at least 5 woods for the next step.
15. When 1/2 off is ready, use all 3 workers - repair bridge to the bottom of hut; clear 2 piles of rocks to the right.
16. Now here comes the rush. Pick up gold as long as you need them. When you have about 35 and know that there are more to be picked up, use one worker to clear rocks (don't wait for the 1/2 off).
20. There should be lots of gold but the balancing act is up to you.
21. If possible, clear the rocks to the top earlier as it will take some time to clear them.
22. While your workers are clearing rocks during the 1/2 off time, use the hunter to kill the bees at 1/2 price :]
23. You should finish the game with plenty of time left for the gold.


Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by Naturalshade on Sep 7, 11 3:33 AM
Sorry, I forgot to mention that you should build the hunter's lodge after you have the 3rd worker. Then when there's enough wood, build the farm again. This should do it.

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Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Sep 10, 11 8:50 AM
Awesome, Naturalshade! I was able to achieve gold with plenty of time left.



Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by pac2501 on Sep 11, 11 10:29 AM
Thanks for the info x

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Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by Leanda1 on Sep 16, 11 4:59 PM
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Hey there Naturalshade - I am VERY confused - I read your directionsand tried them totally sober even though they made no sense to me then tried them after several cocktails they still dont make any sense and are not working. You stated to (7) Use other worker to p/u wood and food and at this point I am already on the right side of the hut/lodge/ whatever... You also state to repair the R bridge for #8 & # 9 was to P/U gold to the R of the Hut ... Well this would have already been done if you were able to repair the R bridge! Plus you say to(10) click the 1/2 off and to use workers to "clear wood piles to R of Hut.... Hello but that has been done in 7, 8 and 9 of your instructions???? I am sooooooo confused!??! Can someone else make sense of this for me?? I am sooo stupid! sorry! Lean


Re:Stuck on 2.9

[Post New]by Naturalshade on Sep 16, 11 5:54 PM

Sorry that I wasn't clear. Please let me clarify:

9. By then, you are over the other side of the bridge. So the gold is the gold between the two piles of wood and not the ones on the island.

Now hopefully that clears everything.

BTW, once you have built all the bridges, you can use the extra wood to build "Hunter's lodge" and "Farm".


stuck on 2.5

[Post New]by mardaisy13 on Sep 19, 11 10:03 AM
I am so upset, i have tried everything and nothing works. so dissapointed. please help! thank you!

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