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Level 9 Upper Piping

[Post New]by Bingoslots on Sep 7, 11 5:31 AM
How do I break the upper piping on this level? This barrier is solid and there is no vulnerable points that I can locate.

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Re:Level 9 Upper Piping

[Post New]by Liz_Lemon on Aug 3, 12 7:51 PM
The purple glowing hole in the center of the lower square (it looks electrified), is a portal. Focus on breaking through that first and get your ball to that hole, it will shoot the ball up to the top and then all the balls stacked in the middle gun, (top center) will drop every time a ball richochetes off of it. It will turn to a giant frenzy.
Keep your eye on the lower portal because that is where the ball will be transported back from the top.

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