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AAround the World in Eighty Days- The Challenge

[Post New]by Hortense on Sep 7, 11 8:17 PM
I submitted this post on Aug. 28, at least I thought did, but I don't find it in the list, so I'll try again. My problem is the two buffalo puzzles in the section aboard the train in western U.S. The first is a slider puzzle, clear the tracks for the train to proceed, the immediately on to the next, an buffalo elimination puzzle. After solving the first, I start on the second and after clicking out one or two buffalo, I'm switched right back to the first puzzle, unsolved. I've done this a dozen times, same result. I've played from the beginning four times, also same results. Can anyone help?


Re:AAround the World in Eighty Days- The Challenge

[Post New]by SQA_Queen on Sep 16, 11 4:24 PM
The trick here is to ONLY click on buffalo and not on ordinary cows. Buffalo are bicolored - dark brown and tan; while the cows are all tan. Hope this helps.

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