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Stuck game, paused on its own, then ugh just quit

[Post New]by ibnurdreamz on Sep 8, 11 7:47 AM
shame on me for trying to begin finding Christmas Themed games! Seldom do I comment, but thought my Granddaughter would love new games so started shopping for games to DL early. Well other than dialogue (way to much), it started out cute. But them it all goes bad. The game stuck in a spot that I clicked on the item. It took it at least a minuted to come back, like it was just trying to decide if my click was right. I didn't click again, because the game froze...then it suddenly came back. Ok, contuned hoping it was something I DID, ( I can fix my actions, but not the developer's!). Then it did it again . Never had this much down time while the game stopped to consider my choice! Then it paused, had to escape via task manager...then paused again while I tried to start again!

]4 thumbs down, I didn't give it 5 because the word Christmas was in the game title! Otherwise no review because it couldn't be played!!!!! UGH, save me from game developers that are this bad! And BF, there is NO excuse for putting this game in your list of games! When it is not playable, it needs to be removed! Nothing like a trial demo that isn't playable for one hour!!!!!

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