Stuck @ the Beginning of the Asylum

[Post New]by ShalynBlue on Sep 8, 11 7:42 PM
Loving the game, but dealing with a few quirky issues because of playing on iPad2 (I think). Most of these I have managed to get through, but for the life of me, I cannot get the wheel thingie on the moon and stars puzzle to turn. This is the mini-game that is at the fountain. Can someone please tell me how to make this thing move?



Re:Stuck @ the Beginning of the Asylum

[Post New]by masqueraid on Sep 22, 11 2:47 PM
Try tapping on a counter with a space next to it. Move courses into the alcoves to help rearrange. On the iPad2 you may find moving another counter up behind will force you course to move in the direction you want.

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