stuck on level 20

[Post New]by lynndolphins on Sep 9, 11 1:49 PM
i cant get thrugh level 20 please help

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Re:stuck on level 20

[Post New]by Akaabbey on Sep 9, 11 4:08 PM
Remember you need 7 stagings close to the end....

I just got the ribbon on it but it was tricky and can't remember actually how but I started by havesting for money & wood then build a sawmill, built & sold a Victorian (NOT on the Premium lot). Built a Vic on the prem, built a workshop & Realty (started the stagings). Build I think 3 Vic's (paint & upgrade to the max) for the $100,000. started building cabins to paint & stage (remember to inspect everything)

At the end I think I had 3 Vic's, 4 cabins,(Demo'd the sawmill & workshop) and the rest lots (will have to reseed some of them)

I hope this helps

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