The 24th crystal

[Post New]by dasmoehrchen on Sep 9, 11 5:12 PM
I cannot find the 24th crystal, an orange one. Backtracked to every scene,
the crank in the dead mans room will let you close and open the rooftop scene, I thought that was where to find it... unfortunatly not.


Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Sep 9, 11 10:01 PM
I feel your pain and frustration!! I too, cannot find the darn orange crystal. And of course we can't finish the game with only 23 out of 24 crystals. Any help would be appreciated. I have gone over the strategy guide three times now, trying to find where I might have missed one along the way. But no such luck. Someone please help us!!


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Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by userfree on Sep 10, 11 7:25 PM
I too am at a loss, but with the green one, third shelf on the left. I went back to the SG and made note of every place a green crystal should have been collected. Then went back to the scenes to look, but have not found the blasted thing. There are at this point a few areas that have been blocked out so I am unable to visit each sight. It may take a bit of time, but you may try using the SG this way and perhaps you will have better luck with the orange crystal. I wish the devs had placed a hint on the crystal shelves for the many frustrated gamers who have gotten this far and may have to restart the entire game.

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Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by valeriepres on Sep 11, 11 1:39 PM
I cannot find a blue one. I too have only 23 out of 24. What is it with this game not being able to finish it. On some games they tell you where to pick up the items you are collecting and even give them a number for example: pick up .... 2/12 like that but the strategy guide doesn't do that!

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Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by ladycass on Sep 12, 11 5:57 PM
In the last room where the machine is, look up to where the hole to outside is and click. There is a key that fits the cabinet on the left in the previous room. The last green crystal is in there.

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Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by nyyykfan on Jun 20, 12 12:44 PM
I am still looking for the last blue crystal.

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Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jun 20, 12 12:58 PM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to let you know that if you go to the walkthrough we have for the standard version of this game all 24 crystals are marked there (it looks like they're marked with the @ symbol in the screenshots).

If you click here you'll be taken right to that page so you can check and see where you might have missed one.

Hope this helps!



Re:The 24th crystal

[Post New]by wizard_beth on Nov 16, 12 3:40 PM
Okay, I went through the strategy guide and found all the soul crystals. The thing is, you have to find 22 of them BEFORE you go down the zip-line from the tower to the Demon's lair; otherwise, you can't go back. I messed myself up once by forgetting to grab the coal in the Mayor's house and I couldn't go back for it.

1.The first one is in the Mayor's office, so that's an easy one.
2. The shelf in the alcove after you open the gate and free the girl.
3. In the street outside the brewery.
4. The window below the tower.
5. The niche on the left outside of Garibaldi's workshop.
6. In the pouch in the tree on the playground.
7. On the bench inside the tower.
8 & 9. Inside the cabinet in the tower room.
10. On the table on the right inside the brewery.
11. On the barrel on the left in the distillery.
12. On the floor by the cabinet in the bedroom.
13. On the piano in the alley.
14. In the alcove on the right in the alley.
15. In the chest in the attic.
16. Behind the top left door of the cabinet in the lower level of the workshop.
17. In the basket in the area behind the brewery.
18. In the bushes on the left outside the Mayor's house.
19. On the floor inside the Mayor's house by the desk.
20. In the niche on the left side of the hallway.
21. On the statue of the horseman on the right in the parlor.
22. Against the wall by the railing, left of the small apple tree on the newl post.
23. Inside the cabinet on the right in the first room in the Demon's lair.
24. In the locked cabinet with the star on it on the left.

Hope this helps.

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