Level 22 help !!!!

[Post New]by stormyrenee on Sep 10, 11 8:25 AM
I can't seem to get it done before time runs out.. any suggestions?


Re:Level 22 help !!!!

[Post New]by ark_female_21 on Sep 11, 11 12:08 PM
I'm stuck on the same level! I see help for just about every other level, but this one!

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Re:Level 22 help !!!!

[Post New]by juliesherris on Sep 12, 11 3:53 AM
I started this one by harvested for cash & reforesting one of the plots while demolishing an industrial site - build a workshop, make it efficient & add 1 worker.

Harvest & Reforest 2 plots 3 or 4 times, once for materials, but mostly for cash.

Demolish the 2nd industrial plot & build the sawmill.

Then build a Victorian, sell it straight away, add more workers & start amassing wood.

I built victorians on every other plot, leaving gaps for the picnic parks. I updated & inspected the houses as I went & bought what I could when I could, adding workers up to 17.

Once I had a huge bulk of materials, I demolished the sawmill, built a garden cantre & then went along painting & landscaping the houses, building picnic parks in between - then sold a 2nd victorian.
I demolished the garden centre, built a real estate office & forced the sale of the premium sites to demolish, then built the lighthouses....

All completed at 6:39 & plenty of time to spare.


Re:Level 22 help !!!!

[Post New]by magnoliamoon on Jul 4, 13 7:05 AM
Thanks for the help! it took me 9:12 but I made it

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