Chapter 13

[Post New]by ladybear101 on Sep 10, 11 9:09 PM
I have looked and looked but cannot find the last two wood pieces for the gramaphone... any clues?
I keep going back and forth from the water wheel past the fountain into the house and upstairs... still cannot find everything.
I'm guessing the wood pieces are in the locked boxes for which I cannot find keys... any help would be great.

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Re:Chapter 13

[Post New]by Chaorite on Sep 14, 11 10:36 PM
One key is in underneath the gramophone.
One key is on the books lying near the window in the gramophone room.
One key is located in the grate of the fireplace in the gramophone room.
One key is located in the middle of the floor of the foyer

Discs can be found at:

Middle shelf far right near gramophone
Door to gramophone room - look in the dim shadows just at the entry
Behind the large picture on the wall to the entrance of the house. It has an image of a man on it and is behind the front door.

Not sure which one you're missing but that should help you account for them all Or did you perhaps mean the little hexagons? If so, they are at ...

one at floor to left of gramophone
one middle shelf to centre of bookcase
one top right shelf next to locked box
one in the lower left locked box (unlocked with a key from either the top of the books near window or grate front left of the room as you enter)
two on the floor of the gramophone room - one near books at window, one near door
one on the landing at right on the steps leading up to the gramophone room
one on the steps at left leading down to Merrow's lab
and one outside near the fountain.

Hope that helps.

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