Last lever / Sledgehammer / Freezing liquid

[Post New]by maggiemay1252 on Sep 11, 11 9:14 AM
I can't seem to find the last lever for the crystal machine and I also have a sledge hammer and freezing liquid that I do not know how they are used in the game. Any suggestions?


Re:Last lever / Sledgehammer / Freezing liquid

[Post New]by jase22 on Nov 10, 11 8:49 PM
pour the freezing liquid on the lock to the boy's cage, smack the frozem lock in just the right place and it'll break-the boy gives you the last lever-but I am stuck because I didn't get the first lever when I finished assembling the lamp-apparently I was supposed to get a HOS scene right after I turned the lamp valve on but think I missed it-now the damn lamp is mounted on the ceiling, I've freed the boy, have 24 crystals, and can't take over the controls to the last puzzle as I never got the "hooked cable" which was the prize for the HOS scene I didn't get to play-all dressed up and no where to go except start over-no way to get the lamp back down off the ceiling-the control for the lamp disappeared after the first use-stuck forever-

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