broom in train station

[Post New]by libbey123 on Sep 11, 11 9:43 AM
Please help. I'm at the homecoming chapter and have brushed every piece of the floor at the train station. I followed the strategy guide to a tee and still can not get the cellar to open. I;ve clicked so the tile will peal back and nothings happening. What am I doing wrong? Very frustrating! help

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Re:broom in train station

[Post New]by dvdiva on Sep 11, 11 8:52 PM
Hi libbey!

In the checkpoint building, you'll find a tourist guidebook on the table.

Flip the pages until you find a piece of paper.

Check your journal to see the location of a cellar door.

That's the only time you'll be able to sweep the floor.

Hope this helps!

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Re:broom in train station

[Post New]by amj0963 on Sep 13, 11 10:41 PM
hi dvdiva,

i just wanted to pop in because i couldn't figure out how to sweep the floor and i am so glad that i found this thread.

thank you so much dvdiva for the help i appreciate it. i am also sending you a pm in case you don't come back and check.


Re:broom in train station

[Post New]by mamallama08 on Sep 22, 11 7:50 PM
In my own experience, this broom sweeping scene was the only place in the game which I found was "overly sensitive". It seemed that the area you had to point the broom on was very very small and then you had to hit that same area at least twice in a row in order to sweep it all away. So just keep trying!

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