Treasure Hunt 1 - Walk Thru

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That being said, I had enough problems with this and so many are asking, here is how to do it:

(1) Have three farms. Change all three to produce carrots. (Carrots are awarded in one of the very early side quests. Not sure the name of that particular one, sorry.)

(2) Eventually you will get a message about a white rabbit. It may happen immedietly or it may take a few minutes. Once you get the message, the rabbit should be found wandering near your farms. Do not hunt rabbits until you find it. If the rabbit dies, you will fail the quest.
--- You can move the rabbit just like you can your hero or a villager. Simply lasso it (drag a box around it) after that you can click and move it just like any other character.

(3) Move the white rabbit as close to the open mine shaft you can find to the left of your starting point, near by where you find Redd's campsite. Keep moving it closer until it goes in. It will come back out with three "riddles" to find the 3 keys to open the chest. THE RABBIT COLLECTS THE KEYS, NOT YOUR HERO.
--- One key is found in the scarecrow which is a little to the right of the upper left corner behind a locked door. Buy some dynamite and blast the rocks to the right of the pressure pad. The pad is locked inside the locked door but the rocks are outside. Once blasted, the rocks will fall on the pressure pad, opening the door. Simply move the rabbit inside and up to the scarecrow, you will get a message you got that key.
---The next key is almost due south of that one, all the way at the bottom of the map. You will see a crate up in a tree. Take dynamite and blast the tree. The crate will fall down and allow the bunny access to it.
---Last one takes some time. About the middle of the map in the southern section, you will see a small pool with a group of three fish and one fish with cliffs and rocks surrounding it on three sides. First blast the white rocks in the river so you have access to build a bridge. Then go back to the east side of the river and build a bridge from that side to the small pool so you can get to it. Then have hero or a villager fish the single fish completly until it is gone. Now your rabbit can go in and get the crate.

(4) Once all three keys are secure, I am not sure if your hero can simply open or the rabbit has to. I clicked both on the chest so not sure which one actually opened it.


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Re:Treasure Hunt 1 - Walk Thru

[Post New]by ArmyMomOkc on Jan 7, 09 6:22 AM
Great walk thru!
The only thing is I'm wondering about is the bunny collecting the keys? I have my hero collect the keys and the rabbit open the chest. The first time I played I tried to have my hero open it and it didn't work. I had the bunny try and it opened. I'm on my 4th game and it has worked everytime.

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Re:Treasure Hunt 1 - Walk Thru

[Post New]by bedheadkg on Jan 7, 09 7:26 AM
I had my hero collect the keys AND open the chest and it worked fine.

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Re:Treasure Hunt 1 - Walk Thru

[Post New]by KSerra on Jan 7, 09 12:44 PM
Great walkthrough - thanks!!!!
I've been absolutely stumped on the 1st key. I guessed it was in the scarecrow and tried dynamiting the door for all I'm worth but no joy. I was wondering why the pressure pad was inside the enclosure and not outside! Great tip.


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Where s that darn scarecrow?
I've finished all the main quest, saved the day etc, and read about this white rabbit quest.. Got a white rabbit but aint got a clue (!) what to do.

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Re:Treasure Hunt 1 - Walk Thru

[Post New]by debbdi on Jan 12, 09 12:11 PM
Thank you SO much! Thanks for ALERTING that the post was a SPOILER! And thanks for the HELP on this tricky quest!

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Re:Treasure Hunt 1 - Walk Thru

[Post New]by CtrlAltDel on Jan 21, 09 12:39 PM
Well after all the comments before me I'm embarrassed to ask this question.
I can not seem to find the correct mind shaft. The only one I see is the one underwater and that particular characteristics wasn't mentioned. I dragged a rabbit to it. Redd is long gone but I remember where he had the wagon, that is the camp site you speak of, correct?

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