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Game Over - Spoiler Alert

[Post New]by Peace1369 on Sep 13, 11 2:08 PM
Ok my review after beating the game . I only ran into probably less then five levels that I had to replay a few times on timed mode. The other levels I passed on through no problem. Total game will take you between 4 to six hours to master. It was a good game but not sure about replay value as once you beat it get all the trophies there is not anything else to go for. I have every collection and every trophy so if I replay what am I to go for? On other games with scores you can work to beat your previous score. As this game has no scores .....
On the plus side for the game it plays easier then others ie. MKFTP and Roads of Rome because the supplies are more plentiful and you click on them they do not have to pick them up for you. For newbies to Time Management this would be a very good starter game. Not a whole lot of strategy needed in this game as there is in the other games. This one if one way doesn't work go another. You don;t have a lot of choices for your moves on most levels. I never really had to plan out a stategy on most levels. Key thing is upgrade your resourses starting of course with your sawmill. If you have it maxed out you get the wood to upgrade all others.
All in all I would recommend the game but as in the Time Builders series when I complete the game it leaves me wanting more levels. I wish these games were like some of the brickbuster games etc. that you could download more levels too when you were done

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Re:Game Over - Spoiler Alert

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Sep 13, 11 3:19 PM
Hi Peace1369,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about this game with us!

I just wanted to let you know that we have an official 'Reviews' thread stickied at the top this Game Forum, and so we'd love to have you re-post your review in this thread if you haven't already.



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