Fox Chapter 2 puzzle--where is it?

[Post New]by dorisbb on Sep 14, 11 7:11 AM
I think I must be really stupid. I solved the first puzzle in the Vanquished City (green), got the green vortex, and knocked down the wall. That led to a side alley leading to a small house with a table, bed, and desk, but there's nothing there (besides a ghost to fight). I can't seem to access any other buildings, and I can't find my next puzzle. Can someone explain what I'm missing, please?


Re:Fox Chapter 2 puzzle--where is it?

[Post New]by silvergirl_quest on Sep 23, 11 6:30 AM
Nope, you're definitely not stupid! The placement of this next puzzle is a little misleading. The second puzzle is the purple vortex, not the red vortex, so you have to go north of the red walls to the purple walls.

Just past and to the right of the purple vortex-stone, there's a door (in the house with the beer sign) on the north side of the terrace, and here's where you'll find the purple vortex challenge.

(Btw, the "Fox Chronicles: Chapter 2" isn't by this puzzle for the purple vortex, but by the next puzzle for the orange vortex.)

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