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second Nautilus code puzzle

[Post New]by sphinx46 on Sep 15, 11 7:31 PM
I,m almost at the end of the game, I reached the door in the sub I know I have to use the code 1860 on the top gray rectangles, but I just don,t understand what Im supposed to do with the bottom ones. I click on the letters over and over and nothing happens. Do I continue clicking until something happens. Please help


Re:second Nautilus code puzzle

[Post New]by xxxcarlaxxx on Jul 31, 12 11:58 AM
hiya luv, im also stuck on this 1, have u worked it out yet x


Re:second Nautilus code puzzle

[Post New]by Jaxy27 on Oct 27, 13 11:15 AM
Add the number shown to 1860 and that's the number you should enter below.
Hope that helps

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