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Enjoying this game

[Post New]by grandmab3248 on Sep 15, 11 10:33 PM
As I have already posted, the rope on the side of the horse statue didn't go into my inventory. That being said, if it doesn't make any difference to the future outcome of this game, then I am really enjoying this game. The graphics are great. I liked that cute puzzle on the door to the brewery. It took a couple of minutes for it to click in my poor tired little brain as to how to do it, but it was fun and different. I had absolutely no trouble downloading, installling or activating this game. It took about 5 minutes. I really don't understand all of the trouble so many people seem to have with downloading these games. I do, however sometimes run into glitches within the games themselves.


Re:Enjoying this game

[Post New]by sheilanuttell on Jul 9, 12 1:40 PM
i agree just finised the hour try out it took only 20 min to dounload it now i can relax and enjoy

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