Level 100

[Post New]by clarabow on Sep 17, 11 2:09 AM
Please can someone tell me, how do you finish this level. How do I get back to the shop? do I need the key?

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Re:Level 100

[Post New]by anpd on Sep 18, 11 2:26 PM
The boss in level 100 is defeated in the same way as the other enemies. He teleports every 5 swaps so try to move to the middle and wait for him to teleport and then try to move ontop of him. If it's to hard try saving some powerups and use them aswell to get closer. Good luck


Re:Level 100

[Post New]by clarabow on Sep 26, 11 4:26 AM
thank you,, I did beat him once, and am trying again with a new player name

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