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Game Length?

[Post New]by Yaelle on Sep 17, 11 2:44 PM
I ask this for just about every game that I try out and like enough to consider getting - does this game have a decent # of hours of gameplay? Its pretty much my #1 consideration in buying a game. I cant stand it when you finish the 1 hour trial then finish the entire game half an hour later. To me, that's a sign of poor quality by the developers. Like they're just cranking em out to get our money as fast as they can.
So....there used to be a time way back when, back in the tme of the first couple of Virtual Villagers games when you could get a good solid week or two out of a game.
I'm really just soooo sad to see those times mostly passed.
Chocolatier & Build a Lot games were pretty good about # of hours also.
Just want to make sure this game isnt super short before I buy it and then have to bite somebody's head off.

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