[Post New]by Ddraise on Sep 21, 11 8:50 AM
I have the dagger, piece of map, opened box with diary. Don't have a key. Cannot pick up oil, rubber hose, bar, rag. When I talk to Louis I get end of conversation. I tried clicking on Skull, both pillars. Don't know what to do??? Can someone help I have tried everything I could think of and also searched the forum for help. Am I at a point where I am stuck and need to start over??? Cannot get on motorcyle to go back to Jack's Apartment to get the key???

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[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Sep 21, 11 9:19 AM
I think you have to do something odd at this point like combine the dagger with the box.

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[Post New]by cinder555 on Sep 21, 11 9:30 AM
While you are in the cemetery - did you click on the thugs holding Jack to eavesdrop?

You will always have the key for the motorcycle. You need to find another key at Jack apartment in between the windows.

If that does not work - go back to a save at the beginning of Marseilles April 22, 2008

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